Stock Valuation Platform Google Sheet – (India Only) + Telegram Community


This is the Stock Valuation Excel Sheet, with all the Essential Valuation Models used by Rating Agencies to Valuate a Stocks intrinsic value.

In this Valuation Package we will Not only Provide you the Valuation Excel Sheet but also a Community where MindYourInvestment will be actively present in a group created for all those who purchase this package, a place where we share and discuss all the Valuations of the companies and talk about potential multi-baggers.

The Excel Sheet is Semi Automated and requires a Few Datas to be entered to get the most immersive valuation report. The contains of the Excel are as follows

  1. Modified Graham Model
  2. Price-Sales Model
  3. EPS-PE Model
  4. CAPm-EPS Model
  5. Average PE Model
  6. Net Profit Model
  7. DCF Model
  8. DCF-PE Model

And much much more to be added with Future Updates, Get it Now and start value investing at the earliest.

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