Fundamental Analysis Platform (Google Sheets) – (India Only)


Automated + Manual Non-Banking Excel V 0.5The Complete Fundamental Analysis Package with Situation Based Analysis for the first time in India which includes 10 Valuation Models combined together to give you the most comprehensive outlook of a stock, and allows you to analyse the future potential of the stock you analyse.

This Version contains, both the Fully Automated Version and the Manual Version, which allows user the control to choose their desired estimated growth rates for the companies future outlook and with it analyse 10 Models together, some notable valuation Models being, The PEG Ratio, Forward PE Ratio, EV Model, Altman-Z Score, Piotroski-F Score, Beneish-M Model and much more.

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The most extensive collection of tools that help you seek and identify the ideal stocks for building your perfect portfolio. 

Since, stock analysis is both independent and related to market dynamics. We will provide you 2 Sets of Excel Sheets in this Package, the first one being the Fully Automated Version, in which all the Growth Rates are assumptions are considered based on Historical Stock Data. The second one being the manual version in which the user gets full control of the assumptions and based on that the scoring of the stock is done.