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It’s simple, If we lack knowledge we will be push out of the Race. Stock Market is a platform which has made millions to investors who have given it Respect and has grown with its agile sentiment. 

Stop believing in the Tips unless you can verify its reasoning, and rather start investing in skills so that you become the next person who people wait in line to see. 

Be a Legend. Our Fundamental Analysis Webinar will take you very close to being one, and from there you journey begins.

Why chose the Package?  

  • – Market Psychology and Dynamics – for PRO Investors
  • – Understanding the News and Events Factor
  • – The Game of OverValued and UnderValued Market
  • – Sector Analysis & Variations.
  • – Portfolio Building and Management skills

What you Get?

– 8 Hours of Webinars to learn it all ( if more need be )

– All Webinars will be private in a group of 10-15 participants over Video Face to Face Lectures

– Professional consult ON and OFF the Webinar with Mr. Bose

– Homework, Yes Homework we will provide and ask you to follow.

– Group Interactions and discussions.

  1. – Handmade strategies and digital study materials 



Yes we are expensive, but neither do you deserve cheap knowledge, nor do we provide one. 

if You have queries, you can contact us at 8100492019.

we will assist you right away.

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