May 9, 2020
Fundamental Analysis
Works on
Indian Stock Market

01. Profit & Loss Analysis Excel Sheet

OThis Excel Sheet will help us analyse the Profitability of a company . The objective is the spot a company for long term Horizon using the companies Revenue/Sales , Interest Structure , Net Profit . The goal is to see if the company is equipped to handle stressed Economic Scenario, wether the company can operate well in Bad Economic Conditions and how safe would the company be in those situations along with possibility analysis of a situations such as Bankruptcy.

“ The profitability of a company tells us if it in a good state or Not ! “

02. How to Use the Excel Sheet

The First thing you need to do is Download the Excel Sheet ” Profit & Loss Analysis ” from this Website.

Things that you Need to Get Started –

1. Profit & Loss Analysis Excel Sheet – Download the Excel Sheet ( Click  )

2.  Balance Sheet Data – ( Click ) 

Then Follow the Steps One by One ( Same as the Balance Sheet )

03. Profit & Loss Analysis

This Will give you the Automated Data of the Balance sheet like the Curve Sales, Interest and Net Profit, and with this report we will be able to analyse if the Stock has been in a profitable situation or not. This gives us an idea for the future outlook of the company and how safe it is for us to invest in it. 

Download Link of the Excel Sheet – Profit & loss Excel Sheet ( Download this )