May 11, 2020
Fundamental Analysis
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Indian Stock Market

01. EV EBITDA Analysis Excel Sheet

OThis Excel Sheet will help us analysis the EV/EBITDA of a company. The objective is the spot a company which has an  EV EBITDA  Ratio is Higher than the Current Ratio, as that would signify if the stock is Under Valued . The goal is to see if the company is to spot the current status of the Company, is it Over Valued, Under Valued or Fair Valued.

“ the Enterprise Value of a company tells us the Real value the company of its books  .”

02. How to Use the Excel Sheet

The First thing you need to do is Download the Excel Sheet ” Balance Sheet Analysis ” from this Website.

Things that you Need to Get Started –

1. EV EBITDA Analysis – Download the Excel Sheet ( Click  )

2.  Balance Sheet Data – ( Click ) 

Then Follow the Steps One by One . ( Same steps as Balance Sheet )

03. EV EBITDA Ratio Analysis

This Will give you the Automated Data of the EV EBITDA ratio and tell us if about the stocks valuation and with this report we will be able to analyse if the Stock that we are analysing can be investable at the current time or not . This gives us an idea for the future outlook of the company and how safe it is for us to invest in it. 

Download Link of the Excel Sheet –  EV EBITDA Ratio Analysis Excel Sheet ( Download this )